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*** Disclaimer *** Use of veDAO.io (the “Site”) and the veDAO protocol (the “Protocol”) is strictly at your own risk. Before using the Protocol, users should fully understand and accept the risks involved, which include, but are not limited to, front-end errors, bugs, hacks, regulatory and tax uncertainty, and total loss of funds. Do not deploy funds you cannot afford to lose. The Protocol is unaudited and involves a substantial degree of risk. No representations or warranties are made as to the safety of funds deployed, and veDAO will not be liable or responsible for any losses incurred. By using the Site or the Protocol, you represent and warrant that your use does not violate any law, rule or regulation in your jurisdiction of residence. The Protocol (and any associated token) is not intended to be an investment product, and nothing on the Site or any of veDAO's social media channels should be considered financial advice. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=